Questions on Selling Property

We do not charge you anything to buy your property.

No, you are not required to pay a commission for the sale of your property.

No, we buy houses in as-is condition, no repairs will be needed on your end.  We will be purchasing and completing a full remodel of the property.

We can close as quickly as 7 days, up to 30 days.  This is also subject to change depending on the negotiation time we may need to catch up on any mortgage defaults, liens, code violations, back taxes you may be facing.

You may cancel the sale as long as this is discussed in advance and as long as it is not in violation with any of the legal agreements that will be signed.

We invest in old, vacant, abandoned, over leveraged and distressed properties. These properties are then fully renovated and held as either rental properties, sold on the retail market or sold off in bulk to other investment firms.

All sales will be completed by an attorney or title company. And all of the contracts used are approved by the Tennessee Association of Realtors and Tennessee Bar.

No, even if you are partial owner on records. All owners that are listed as owners must be present and agree to the sale before we can move forward.

Will I have to travel to complete the negotiations? No, if you live out of state you will not have to travel to complete the sale. All documents’ can be sent via fax, certified mail, email or web app. We may request that some documents be notarized or that a copy of your driver’s license is submit just to confirm you are the legal owner.

This is optional. But understand that by hiring an Agent your potential profit will be affected by the commission you will have to pay them.

In the state of Tennessee we access owner information through the public records via the county court systems.